Thursday, April 18, 2013


Time to Reflect…

Yosemite is a beautiful place to reflect…in more then one way. This time of year water is here, there and everywhere.

Snow Creek Falls in Teneya Canyon above Mirrow Lake

Cascade Creek off of Hwy 120

Royal Arches Cascade

Sentinal Falls

Yosemite Falls in all its glory...

Rainbows at Bridelveil Falls are a daily occurence

Yosemite Falls is “cranking”, Bridalveil Falls and Nevada Falls are bathed in unbelievable rainbows for hours at a time in the late afternoon, the Merced River is rising slowly and it looks different everyday but the big difference this time of year is the flooding of the meadows causing seasonal ponds to appear.

Reflection near the Merced River below Ledig Meadow

Depending where you are there are reflections to be found of Sentinal Rock, Half Dome, Yosemite Falls and El Capitan. Some are the “usual” reflections we expect to see in the river and at Mirror Lake. 

Yosemite Falls and Reflection at Swing Bridge

Three Brothers refelction in the Merced River

But one of the best places to find seasonal reflections is in the ponds in Cooks Meadow.Within a few minutes of walking from each other in Cooks Meadow you can photograph reflections of Sentinal Rock, North Dome, Yosemite Falls and Half Dome. And of course on the edge of Cooks Meadow is Sentinal Bridge we have all seen the most recognized shot of Half Dome and its reflection in the Merced River.

Half Dome in a pond in Cooks Meadow

Another shot of Half Dome in a Cook Meadow pond

And yet another reflection of Half Dome in a Cooks Meadow Pond

Yosemite Falls in a Cook Meadow pond

A midday shot of Yosemite Falls in Cooks Meadow.
The shot must be taken during this time of day to get light on the falls.
In the late afternoon it is in the shadows

Sentinel Rock reflcetion from Cooks Meadow

Just moving the camera slightly gives a little different shot

as does going hortizonal

The time of day is also a factor in photographing reflections. Reflections in the river can be most anytime of the day although my favorite time is usually around sunset in order to get the color variations in the water and in the sky.

Half Dome closer to sunset

Tree reflections near sunset

When photographing reflections in ponds or other still waters I have found the best time again to be around sunset or maybe within the hour before the sun goes down which is also the time of day that wind dies. This not only allows for beautiful colors but a clear reflection in ponds and still water. So as always it is a game of patience waiting for the colors in the sky and waiting for the wind to die down.

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